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Kayak Quirimbas paddling safaris

Ibo Island Lodge is the ONLY operator to offer fully guided mobile island hopping kayak safaris in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago National Park. You will find yourself in the hands of  an expert pro guide and experienced skipper and crew, who will show you where and how to explore the Ilha Quirimbas islands by kayak. Along the way, enjoy activities such as snorkelling, diving and sea kayaking. Throw in three nights of comfort at Ibo Island Lodge, with all its fascinating history and culture, and you are set for a adventure safari of a lifetime!

Kayaking Ibo Island Lodge

Snorkel off deserted white sandbanks and into the turquoise sea, and sleep in mobile eco-fly camps on uninhabited tropical islands. An accomplished chef will whip up fresh seafood that will make your mouth water - all over an open fire under sparkling island stars, leaving you free to chill and soak up this once-in-a-lifetime Mozambican Dhow Safari.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is a radical new destination that has been seen by the lucky few... The region has recently become one of the world's most sought-after tourist destinations. Historically, Ibo Island was the trading hub of this string of islands, and today has been nominated as a World Heritage Site and hosts the head-quarters of the Quirimbas National Park. Ibo has more than 1 000 years of history and culture for you to discover.

Arimba Dhow Safari

The turquoise waters surrounding Ibo Island provide a protected marine environment for a number of extremely rare species. This includes vital feeding and nesting grounds for several sea turtle species, and delicate coral reefs where the snorkelling is world class. You can see the Humpback whales around Ibo when they visit the region to shelter their calves - between July and November every year.

Nearly everyone's favourite, the delightful dolphin is in abundance around Ibo. The four species found playing off the sandy beaches are the Common, the Spinner, the Bottle nose and Humpbacks. And if you are really lucky you may see dolphins off the bow of the dhow whilst under sail. The Zambezi shark, Tiger shark, Blue spotted, Sting ray, Manta ray, and Black and White Tip sharks have also been seen.

Dhow And Kayak Mobile Safari

Once you are back above the surface of the warm waters, try bird watching in the Quirimbas - get out those binoculars and see the 10 red-listed species on Ibo Island and her surrounds!